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    Dalmore Capital Limited, established in 2009, is an independent fund management company which focuses on investment in low-volatility infrastructure assets in the UK and Europe. Operating across offices in both Edinburgh and London, Dalmore has gained a reputation as a leading player in the infrastructure sector. Dalmore works closely with institutional investors from across the UK and overseas in order to deliver high-quality opportunities for investors.

    Dalmore has acquired interests in a number of high-profile infrastructure assets across the UK, including significant stakes in Cory Riverside Energy from Waste, Cadent Gas, IEP West, and EDF Wind.

    In October 2018, a Dalmore-led consortium completed the acquisition of John Laing Infrastructure Fund plc, a FTSE 250 Company with a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange. The transaction was the first ever take-private of a UK Main Market listed infrastructure fund and was widely recognised as the landmark infrastructure transaction of 2018.

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    IPSL is an independent consultancy business, providing a wide range of services delivered by its multi-discipline team of Chartered Surveyors, Engineers and Health & Safety professionals.
    The IPSL team services the whole infrastructure sector delivering to a wide cross section of clients including: private sector investors, lending institutions and the public sector.

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    We are one of the world's leading engineering professional services consulting firms. We’re dedicated to the communities where we live and work and propelled by international brainpower. With 7,900 talented people in the UK and more than 43,000 globally we engineer projects that will help societies grow for lifetimes to come. We are technical experts and strategic advisors including engineers, technicians, scientists, architects, planners, surveyors and environmental specialists, as well as other design, programme and construction management professionals. Across the UK, we work on every aspect of the built and natural environment, from the Shard to Manchester’s Metrolink, and from HS2 to the Geological Disposal Facility.

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    NORD/LB is one of the leading Project Finance banks in the Public Private Partnership sector with over 20 years’ experience spanning a breadth of sectors including social and digital infrastructure, transportation and environmental management. The Infrastructure Team is renowned for its expertise, innovation and pragmatism, which was recognised in 2017 and 2018 when its peers and leading industry experts named Nord/LB as the Partnerships Bulletin Debt Funder of the Year.

    A global player active in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific, NORD/LB works with clients to develop and implement structured finance solutions in the Infrastructure, Renewable Energy and Conventional Energy sectors by deploying the expertise within its Structured Finance team to maximise the potential of each project financing.

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    Willis Towers Watson (NASDAQ: WLTW) is a leading global advisory, broking and solutions company that helps clients around the world turn risk into a path for growth. With roots dating to 1828, Willis Towers Watson has over 40,000 employees serving more than 140 countries.

    We design and deliver solutions that manage risk, optimize benefits, cultivate talent, and expand the power of capital to protect and strengthen institutions and individuals. Our unique perspective allows us to see the critical intersections between talent, assets and ideas — the dynamic formula that drives business performance.

    Together, we unlock potential.

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    BTY Group

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    We’re a global engineering, management and development consultancy focused on guiding our clients through many of the planet’s most intricate challenges.

    The needs of the world’s population are changing fast. Our network of experts, active in 150 countries, finds opportunities in complexity, turning obstacles into elegant, sustainable solutions. By looking at problems from a fresh angle, we aim to add value at every stage, for our clients – you – and the lives you touch every day.

    Improvement is at the heart of what we offer: better economic development, better social and environmental outcomes, better businesses and a better return on your investment.

    In partnership with you, we establish the steps to meet your strategic ambitions, using analytical front-end advice that helps you fund, plan, design, deliver and sustain your goals.

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    HCP’s vision is to create outstanding value through the intelligent management of infrastructure and related corporate assets. Our mission, through our talented people, is to achieve innovative asset management solutions in the built environment by increasing efficiency and minimising risk for our customers.

    Established in 1997, we provide solutions and services to assist our partners to create, manage and deliver value. We help decision makers with the management expertise, information, guidance and strategy required to deliver value from investments in PPP and wider property portfolios.

    In doing so we enhance the performance of assets and improve the efficiency and effectiveness with which they support the delivery of client objectives and outcomes.

    Working with public and private sector investors and asset managers in the United Kingdom, Europe and North America, we support strategic decision making across the entire lifecycle of their asset portfolios.

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    Operis supports private sector clients seeking finance for infrastructure and energy projects. Forging close collaborative partnerships is how we achieve effective and productive results for our clients, which is something that can only be achieved through expert and personal attention.

    The firm has its origins as a specialist in the financial modelling of project finance transactions and that expertise remains a distinctive strength.

    Over time, Operis’s activities have widened to cover:

    • Financial advice: guiding sponsors and investors in sourcing, structuring and negotiating funding for PPP bids and broader project financings;
    • Model development: building financial models and using them to deliver analysis to project promoters and asset owners;
    • Model audit: validating financial models prepared by others on behalf of funders and investors; and
    • Tax and accounting services: providing advice, opinions and due diligence on tax and accounting treatments for bids and other transactions.

    Operis is also a leading provider of financial modelling training and publishes the Operis Analysis Kit (OAK), a widely used specialist software application for model development and auditing.

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    IPFA is an independent, not-for-profit, professional members’ association dedicated to providing up-to-date information on best practice, industry trends and new developments in infrastructure and energy.

    IPFA hosts a continuous programme of 100+ industry events, webinars and working groups, which are free for members to attend and offer a unique opportunity to network with senior decision-making professionals across the industry. Other benefits include access to discounted project finance training courses, facilitated introductions, plus a wide range of industry documents and publications.

     For further information on IPFA and its global activities, please visit www.ipfa.org.

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    IML is a leading specialist provider of project and portfolio management services to the infrastructure PFI/PPP and renewables markets.
    The head office is located in Edinburgh with a regional operational structure across the UK. We have a proven track record in delivering well run projects, protecting value and enhancing yields.
    We provide comprehensive services ranging from specialist advice through to full SPV management services including: education, healthcare, roads, renewables and other social infrastructure sectors.

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    Artelia UK is part of an international, multi-disciplinary consultancy, engineering and project management group specialising in property, construction, infrastructure and environment. The company is independent and employee owned and places sustainable development and corporate social responsibility at the heart of its strategy. Our workforce of 4900 people create a globally network covering 30 countries, spread across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America.

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    Through superior AI technology, Affinitext's Intelligent Document Format (IDF) is transforming contract management globally. Intelligent documents optimise performance and enhance understanding, allowing users and their organisations to do more, make more and spend less. Used by industry leaders and blue-chip organisations around the world, Affinitext proudly provides its customers with an unfair competitive advantage. Contact us to learn more – contact@affinitext.com

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    Power for the People (PFP) is a small, UK-registered charity that aims to help build sustainable communities for some of the world’s poorest people. Our emphasis is on sustainability; i.e. putting money into projects that create livelihoods, capabilities and revenues that the community that can use to achieve self-sufficiency. In practice this has meant investing in solar power (small units), clean water, healthcare and farming.

    Our operating principles are based on:

    • Environmental, Operational & Financial Sustainability: Our projects use environmentally-sound technologies. We create employment from the outset by using local labour, and build the community’s capability to operate and maintain the facilities after PFP exits. Projects create long-term revenue streams (e.g. from selling of electricity, carbon credits, water or farm produce) to pay for ongoing operation, maintenance, and potential expansion of the facilities

    • Pilot, Scale-up, Replicate: Piloting tests the robustness of the solutions before scale-up and replication, as well as pacing the change and making fundraising more manageable

    • Handshakes not handouts:  Enabling people to pay a fair, achievable price for what they need is essential for their empowerment and for the sustainability of the change. The revenue from projects is invested back into the operation, maintenance and expansion of the community facilities

    • Innovation, Partnership, Inclusion:  Partnership with the beneficiary community is essential for successful delivery: the community contributes ideas, labour, local knowledge and networks, and is responsible for ongoing operation and maintenance. PFP also actively seeks to work with other public/private/third sector organisations to leverage expertise, experience and networks, and avoid duplication and minimise waste

    Our latest project, with Patongo Orphans and Infants Health and Rehabilitation Centre (PAORINHER) in Northern Uganda, supports people who suffered the terror and atrocities of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) for over twenty years. Our aim is to distribute solar lighting and power banks to the communities and buy 240 acres of land on which to build a sustainable farm, seedbank and farming expertise / support centre. 

    Website: http://pfp.global/
    Twitter: @pfp_charity
    Facebook: facebook.com/pfpcharity2015
    Instagram: @pfp_charity


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    Partnerships Events organises a series of annual events focusing on public private partnerships (PPP). As the sister organisation of PPP Bulletin International and the UK publication Partnerships Bulletin, Partnerships Events shapes its seminars, conferences, social events and annual awards dinner to target the latest issues in PPP and to bring together the public and private sectors involved in the many projects.

    The Partnerships Bulletin is a monthly subscription-based magazine and website providing in-depth updates on partnership working between the public and private sector, including the private finance initiative (PFI), public private partnerships (PPPs) and newer models, such as asset backed regeneration vehicles. Subscribers enjoy access to business leads, news, interviews with the top industry figures, in-depth market reports and industry authored articles.